A 159-year old matcha brand, from Uji in Kyoto, Japan

TSUJIRI, a homegrown Japanese matcha teahouse, originally founded in Kyoto since 1860. We offer a selection of Japanese authentic options, using the special variant sourced from the green tea capital of Uji. You can find soft serves, floats, ice blends, freshly baked desserts, and hot drinks at its authentic taste here at TSUJIRI.


155 ฿

O-Matcha Cappuccino

215 ฿

TSUJIRI Matcha Shaved Ice

135 ฿

Shiratama Kinako Kuromitsu

130 ฿

Matcha Soft Cream

M 160฿/ L 175 ฿

Premium TSUJIRI Latte

M 160 ฿ / L 175 ฿

Premium Houjicha Latte


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